CQuartz FINEST nanotech ceramic paint coating

CQuartz FINEST is an evolution in ceramic nanotech paint coatings.

CQuartz Finest Professional Ceramic Coating for Automotive Paints

CQuartz Finest is the exclusive flagship ceramic coating from CarPro.  CarPro is the pioneer of Ceramic coatings and nanotech car care products and is the leader in innovation and improvement of pro ceramic coating technology across the world!

C.Quartz Finest was designed specifically for those with discerning tastes for its exceedingly rich & glossy finish, as well as its ability to resist the elements and protect like no other.

Unlike waxes and sealants, C.Quartz Finest adds a measurable 2~3µm thick Extreme Gloss nanotech ceramic coating. Unlike the durability of wax and sealants which is measured in months, C.Quartz Finest durability is measured in years!

One of the most important features in keeping your vehicle clean and glossy is the ability to release dirt and water.  The industry leading low sliding angle provided by CQuartz Finest allows effortless release of dirt and water and an incredible “self-cleaning” affect.

The entire CarPro line was designed with C.Quartz in mind and CarPro is the only brand on the planet that has a full line of high performance, time saving maintenance products specifically designed and manufactured in their own facility for ease of use and peak performance of CQuartz Finest.

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Meet your Installers:

C.Quartz FINEST is the most exclusive automotive surface protection in the world due to the quality, talent, and character of the few who are allowed to install it!  Less than 1 in every 300 shops that apply is approved, ensuring any Finest authorized installer you visit is among the best detailers in the world. During the vetting process we focus on their paint polishing skills and knowledge as well as the many intangibles. With a laser point focus on integrity, honesty, professionalism and doing things the “right way” we are proud that your experience will be one of excellence throughout our worldwide network!

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